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Growing as an artist

Leaf 2

I love to create new and exciting things as well as work on something that is simple like this drawing. Its just a branch, but I tried to create something that was whimsical and yet realistic. I like the way the whole thing turned out and I hope to work on more organic things in my art in the future.

With saying all this, I’ve looked at some of my own drawings from the beginning (09/2015), and I have found that even though it has been a whole year, I can see the changes that I have made as an artist. A lot of things are the same, but better. However, I have learned so much and I know that the more that I work on my drawing, the better it will be.

I am excited at where I am going in the next year and would love for you to continue the journey with me. Make creativity a way of life!

Oh… when children want to help.

So what can I say about this except, my 2 year old felt like I was doing it wrong. She, in all her glory, decided to “help” me with my project I had already spent 2 hours on. At the moment, in which I noticed, she looked up at me, pen in hand, proud of her accomplishments. Me, on the other hand, wanting to scream.

This teaches us all a lesson. Our kids watch us and want to mimic us. So make sure what you are teaching your kids, is how you want them to grow up. They will learn by example.

My workspace

I have finally had a moment to go downstairs into my office to work on some things. As you can tell, I have a rather large desk and many things that help me be more successful at everything that I do. This desk is amazing because I got it for $50.00 from a swap shop.

Below you will see some pretty cool containers. They are formula containers that I wrapped with Scrapbook paper. The center one on the bottom I actually drew on with some permanent markers.

Having a space to call my own and to be able to actually hang out down here is so important to me. I’ve been working on the arm of my couch for too long and I need to focus on my space. The only thing that is missing from my space is a nice comfy chair. Right now, I am using a metal folding chair, which leaves little to be desired on my back when I’m done with some projects.

Digital enhancement 


Mandala 1

Let me start by saying that this mandala you see is completely hand drawn. No compass, no grid lines, nothing. Just my notebook and my pen. It was super fun but super scary at the same time. I have been in the middle of watching a series on Netflix with my honey so I did this one sitting on the couch as opposed to sitting at my desk where there is a large flat surface.

OK, Now lets move to the digital enhancement part of the post. Because I am such a newbie at art, I have marveled at the abilities of those around me, but then I found out that the art had been digitally enhanced. Now, digitally enhancing your own personal artwork is not a bad thing. Although when I first found out, I was stricken with sadness. I had been pushing myself so hard to be perfect with my art, just to find out that some artists just use photo shop techniques to give various views to each art piece they did, essentially creating and endless amount of art from one drawn piece.

So, here is my attempt at doing just that. The wonderful thing about mandalas is they look good alone or in a group. I felt like creating pop art from this single mandala made it so much more interesting to look at. Keep in mind that all this digitizing was done on my phone so there weren’t many options when it came to creating something different.

This next piece was so much fun to draw. I also drew this is my small notebook I keep with me always. It allows me to draw wherever I am, when I have a moment. This started as a single flower in the in the bottom corner and turned into a garden! As with all my art, I don’t ever know how things are going turn out in the end. But this one, with just a pop of color turned out fantastic.

So to digitally enhance this picture, I decided to use the Negative filter. Boy was I amazed at how it turned out. I thought I liked the original, I really liked the enhanced version. It made me want to try some art on black paper. I haven’t found what I’m supposed to use to draw on it yet, so I haven’t tried it. I hope to figure it out in the near future.

So in the end, you can see that digital enhancement of an original art piece can be so much fun and can also lead to amazing ideas in the future. I would love to know your thoughts on digital enhancing software and creating prints for sale. (As I hope to start creating soon!)

I am very excited about where this has taken me with my art. I am always eager to learn new things. Digital enhancement of original artwork is not new, but it is new to me.

New tools

I am excited to show you some new tools that I have purchased to make my drawings better. Drawing things by hand are amazing and I love that the images I create are not digitized. However, creating Mandalas are way easier if you have a template helper.

First off, the ruler at the top. It has many circles on the inside as well as small holes to make circles. I find this very difficult to make circles with because the center doesn’t stay put. So I usually use this as just a ruler or a template for the smaller circles to the left in the picture above. I am pretty sure I must be using this wrong, but if you use a spiral sketchbook, like the one pictured, You will find that the ends catch on those spirals and moves your center point. So this ruler is probably better for an individual sheet rather than a notebook. This ruler was a gift so I’m unsure of the price.

Secondly, You’ll find the two green templates. One for circles and one for squares. I have yet to use these, but I see them in a lot of videos I watch on YouTube so I know they are great tools for me to utilize in the future. They were $6 USD for the circle template and $8 USD for the square one at Hobby Lobby. The material they are made out of is pretty sturdy and I think it is well worth the money, especially because it offers such a wide arrangement of options.

Last, but definitely not least, my 360 protractor. This one I found for $5 USD at Hobby Lobby.  If you are creating Mandalas, I would highly recommend this, specific 360 protractor. Let me tell you why. The white outer rim stays put, while the center clear area spins. It works like a charm. It also offers some circle templates on the inside. I’ve used this on my latest creating and immediately fell in love with it. The numbers on the outer rim are easily read so that I can make sure all my angles are correct.  This is a staple in my drawings and I will always run to find one like this.

I love new tools to make my art even better and I love to share my experiences with you. If you know of any tools you’d like me to review, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will try my best to research it.

What should my next project be?

I would like to create something new, but I would also like to know what my readers would enjoy seeing. I will have this poll up and every time I am looking for what I should do next, I will choose whichever has the most votes. I would love it if you had specific requests or challenges as well. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. I love new challenges.