My First Sketchbox – May 2017

I finally decided that I would subscribe to Sketchbox, which is an art supply subscription box. There are two different boxes. There is the basic box for $35 and the premium box for $40. There is also shipping. To much of my surprise, I finally received the May 2017 Box. Now I did the unboxing on YouTube, you can find that here.

So because I did the unboxing on YouTube, I’m not going to post individual pictures of everything that came in the box, however, I am going to tell you it had to do with watercolor. Now I have never tried to do anything with watercolor anything, but I was excited to figure it out on my own.

Well, tonight I decided to try it. I just got all the stuff out and tried different techniques.  I did a background and then used pen over it, I tried just different back grounds and then I tried actually drawing a flower. In the end, I did four different cards and I think they will make really great tags and gifts later on.

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Have you ever tried watercolor pencils and water brushes? If so, do you have any techniques I could use to get better? I would love to learn more so let me know in the comments below.