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My musical support

I know this is a crafty and artistic blog, but part of my artistic ability is playing the piano. Well today,my boyfriend and a co-worker moved this into my new work space. 

I haven’t played in probably close to 10 years and before that I pretty much taught myself with a few lessons under my belt. No. I am not a concert pianist. I am probably not even good enough for someone to sing along with, but I love to play nonetheless and now, I have the opportunity to work on my skills a little better. I will be learning from YouTube and trying my best to get to the point where maybe I can even play for others. 

My wonderful boyfriend is going to make me a piano bench with enough storage to house my collection of piano books I gathered over the years. 

I am very excited about this new adventure!

Paisley piano

Zentangle 8

This piece was inspired by a video about a prosecutor that became a CZT, Certified Zentangle Teacher. The link to view the video can be found here.

Esther Piszczek describes how she was no longer happy with her job and how she found fulfillment through zentangling on pianos. I think we have all been in a position in our lives where the position we are in is no longer satisfying. 

In my own life, I became tired by the steady and demanding requirements of motherhood. Since 2012, I have been through a divorce, found a new relationship, and now have two additional kids ages 1 and 2. My 7 year old is my mini-me. She has traveled through all these changes with grace and she will always inspire me to be better. Often times, we just sit and draw together. I dont want anyone to look at my life and say “poor girl,” because I am where I am today because of all the events of my past. I am happy, I am fulfilled. 

Now I say all that to say this. When we find ourselves in a place where we feel we don’t belong, we begin to reach out for something more fulfilling. Art has been that fulfillment for me. Although I am very new to the art world, I have found that it brings a sense of calmness in my otherwise hectic day to day life. Once all the kids are in bed at night, I have a quiet time all to myself to focus on art.