Digital enhancement 


Mandala 1

Let me start by saying that this mandala you see is completely hand drawn. No compass, no grid lines, nothing. Just my notebook and my pen. It was super fun but super scary at the same time. I have been in the middle of watching a series on Netflix with my honey so I did this one sitting on the couch as opposed to sitting at my desk where there is a large flat surface.

OK, Now lets move to the digital enhancement part of the post. Because I am such a newbie at art, I have marveled at the abilities of those around me, but then I found out that the art had been digitally enhanced. Now, digitally enhancing your own personal artwork is not a bad thing. Although when I first found out, I was stricken with sadness. I had been pushing myself so hard to be perfect with my art, just to find out that some artists just use photo shop techniques to give various views to each art piece they did, essentially creating and endless amount of art from one drawn piece.

So, here is my attempt at doing just that. The wonderful thing about mandalas is they look good alone or in a group. I felt like creating pop art from this single mandala made it so much more interesting to look at. Keep in mind that all this digitizing was done on my phone so there weren’t many options when it came to creating something different.

This next piece was so much fun to draw. I also drew this is my small notebook I keep with me always. It allows me to draw wherever I am, when I have a moment. This started as a single flower in the in the bottom corner and turned into a garden! As with all my art, I don’t ever know how things are going turn out in the end. But this one, with just a pop of color turned out fantastic.

So to digitally enhance this picture, I decided to use the Negative filter. Boy was I amazed at how it turned out. I thought I liked the original, I really liked the enhanced version. It made me want to try some art on black paper. I haven’t found what I’m supposed to use to draw on it yet, so I haven’t tried it. I hope to figure it out in the near future.

So in the end, you can see that digital enhancement of an original art piece can be so much fun and can also lead to amazing ideas in the future. I would love to know your thoughts on digital enhancing software and creating prints for sale. (As I hope to start creating soon!)

I am very excited about where this has taken me with my art. I am always eager to learn new things. Digital enhancement of original artwork is not new, but it is new to me.


Zentangled Paradox


I am gonna share with you a poem I wrote over 10 years ago. When I was just trying to figure it all out. I thought this drawing went well with it because it to is confusing yet beautiful.

There is something in my head, but I can’t figure it out,

Am I losing control, I want to stand and shout,

Or is that really what my heart desires,

Or am I simply fueled by the fires,

Of anger and frustration that is held within,

I can’t believe that I’ve been stretched this thin,

My body is telling me that I had better stop,

Before my juice runs out and over uncontrolled I flop.

Am I really this tired or is it all in my mind,

I feel something’s missing, something I can’t find,

A lot of things go wrong and yet, so much is right,

Is what I’m really feeling deep inside fright?

All of these feelings just can’t be let loose,

Am I a loser, a freak, or at the end, the caboose.

What is it? What wants to take control?

I wish I could walk through my mind on patrol.

Does this make sense or have I lost you?

The confusion overwhelms me, I just might turn blue

in the face from holding it all inside.

Is there someone in my life in whom I can confide?

I know there is someone, but would they really care?

Do I let them know my secret, Do I really dare?

Not that the secret is bad, but that its really this,

I have so much in my head, so much that they all miss.

My mind is cluttered it needs to be organized.

Maybe when I feel this way, they’ve got me hypnotized.

Can they really handle every feeling that I have?

Sad? Happy? Frustration? All together drive me mad!

What am I doing spilling all my guts,

No one can heal me from all these deep cuts.

So many in my heart, and yet you’ll not see any scars.

Its as if I put the these emotions on a rocket ship to mars.

This way no one knows them, and they can all be free,

And no one will have to feel these things, but me.

Charity Woods, 2003

Branching out.

Blue Bell

I’m looking at this drawing. I wanted to do something way different than my usual things, but I saw myself as the drawing progressed, falling back into my comfort zone. So how exactly do I branch out?

I have decided that I am going to start classifying my art. Abstract, Fairy tale, Zentangles, Mandala… and so forth. This way I can keep my art going and try not to confuse them all. I am not sure just how all of this will work out. I’m very comfortable with my mandalas and very comfortable with zentangles, but abstract art is a little more difficult.

I usually begin my abstract art with an idea. For this one, I wanted it to look almost alien, universal and even though clean lines, I wanted an element of futuristic edges. But as you can see, I went back to the organic stuff I’m used to doing. The curved edges, the leaves, circles and flowers.

So here is to my journey of finding myself through exploring all different forms of the drawn art.

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