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Lunchtime Doodle – 02/17/17

So, today, I had a few minutes before returning from lunch, so I quickly sketched up this doodle. After looking at it for a while, I became very proud of it. Its not any bigger than a fourth of a page, but for some reason it intrigued me. So when I got home, I decided the only thing it needed was a finishing frame around it.

All I used was a sharpie pen and regular printer paper, nothing fancy, nothing expensive and yet I truly feel like this is a piece of art.


My musical support

I know this is a crafty and artistic blog, but part of my artistic ability is playing the piano. Well today,my boyfriend and a co-worker moved this into my new work space. 

I haven’t played in probably close to 10 years and before that I pretty much taught myself with a few lessons under my belt. No. I am not a concert pianist. I am probably not even good enough for someone to sing along with, but I love to play nonetheless and now, I have the opportunity to work on my skills a little better. I will be learning from YouTube and trying my best to get to the point where maybe I can even play for others. 

My wonderful boyfriend is going to make me a piano bench with enough storage to house my collection of piano books I gathered over the years. 

I am very excited about this new adventure!