Spring Is here… finally!

I decided it was time to add some color and life to my very dull and lifeless front yard. I added flowers to my pots and positioned my gnomes to greet and welcome visiters. Beyond that, I finally added the bird bath to the decor. It needs a fresh coat of paint and one day I will tackle that job, but for now, I’m just glad it exists. 

My mom bought me a daisy which is the motivation it took for me to go get the rest of my yard together. I planted it surrounded by petunias. I can’t wait for everything to grow more during the rest of the year. 

I had plenty of help with my babies running around and my fiance’ putting up the wall for the raised flower bed. I could not be more pleased with how everything turned out. I am going to buy some ground cover for the base of the flower bed, but until then, it’s housing a second flower pot.

And I’m not sure if you can see, I moved the fairy door my mom painted bright colors to the flower bed so that she had a fresh supply of water and shares the company of my many gnomes. 

Have you done any gardening? Let me know what your favorite part of the remodel is. 

Fruit Scented Glitter Pen Review

I know what you’re thinking, fruit scented?  Yes, these pens do have a smell to them, but surprisingly, the smell isn’t strong at all. I actually couldn’t smell it until I held the pen up to my nose. My previous experience with scented pens is very negative. I have a sensitive nose and I just feel like I don’t need my pens to be scented.

With all that being said, Let me introduce you to Fruit Scented Glitter Gel Pens that I purchased from Hollar.com for $3. That means that each of these pens were $0.50. Now they only came in a six-pack, but honestly, you wouldn’t want too many smells happening in the same package. They came in a very nice plastic case that is comparable to Staedtler’s cases. This is nice because I think I would want to keep these seperate from my other gel pens.

So now lets get down to business. How well do these pens write. First off, I was so surprised at just how vivid the colors are and how smoothly these pens wrote. They really don’t smear either like typical gel pens, but there is some smudging possible so be careful when you are using these pens to draw something of any significant size. 20170425_221043

Check out how each color just pops off the page. Each color was true to what you would expect, which I find can be a rare thing. With my other gel pens, I’ve learned not to trust the caps on them, and I always test them on another page.

However, these colors were exactly what you would expect and that is something I am grateful for. I know I always mention the color yellow, but I feel like reviewing the yellow colors can really make or break a gel pen set. Some yellows are too bright or too dull and you won’t get the effect you are looking for.  But this one is just great.

So I decided, as I usually do, to draw something for you, using just these glitter pens. The only thing I noticed is that I had great results with thicker lines. The thin lines just didn’t do it justice, but the glitter really pops with the better lines. I tried to show you the drawing at an angle so that you ca see just how the light catches it.

Let me know what you think below and what your experience with scented gel pens were!



Very Big Sketchbook – Page 6

I really like how this page turned out. I love the depth, the natural elements snd the mixtures of greens. I used gel pens, color pencils, and Staedtler Pens. I decided to embellish the end of the page with Washi Tape. 

Tell me your thoughts on this page. 

Sharpie Art Pens Review

I had the opportunity to pick the art pens up at WalMart yesterday for $20 and just had to do a review for it. This make each pen around $1.67 ea.

First off, I have always just stayed away from Sharpie because it doesnt have archival ink and it bleeds and I could go on and on. Sharpie brand itself is great if you doodle on shoes or canvas or anything really. Its a great tool for use on almost any media. However, for archival art, its not where I would turn. 

So lets start out with the case. The case alone reminds me a lot of the way steadtler cases have been designed from the start. It is one of the things that I have always loved about the Steadtler brand.

Lets move on to the colors. In this particular set of 12, I felt as though the colors were very similar. However, the colors were very vibrant, to include yellow, which is always the color I judge the most. However, as you can tell below, the yellow shoes up just as vibrant as all the others. 

And now, I decided to test, how the colors bleed and blend when used with each other. I tested light cplprs on dark colors as well as dark colors on light colors. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the colors. The integrity of each color never swayed. 

In conclusion, these pens are a very good pen for the Sharpie name. They open the door for other possibilities. However, the price is worst than the other pens of this quality. The reason, simply is because the other pens are known for having archival ink, as well as coming in a variety of nibs. 

Tell me what you think about these pens if you have had the chance to use these. 

Does Color Change Perception?

Lets begin with my original drawing. Soak it in. What do you see? Really look at it. I was drawing this with one thing in mind but the more I looked at it, the more I decided that it had become something else altogether.

I had created something that was adaptable. In order to portray exactly what I wanted it to be, I knew I had to add color. Now I am usually very apprehensive about adding color because I don’t want to convince the viewer what the art is or about. I want my art to always reach into the heart and experiences of the viewer to help me see what they do.

So, The first thing I did, was see something underwater. Something beautiful. I saw life, birth, and happiness. I pulled out my color pencils and started. Jellyfish, Coral and waves in the back ground to fully capture the beauty and life underwater.


But as I was coloring this, I had set it aside to make dinner, as I have been known to do, and it was turned in a way that my emotional attachment had changed. I now saw destruction, fire and conflict. What had changed my mind? To capture this, I decided to make a copy of the original to color this in yet another way. I pulled out my color pencils and viciously started drawing the harsh lines and the difference in the two blew me away.


What once was life and beauty, had turned to death and destruction. So I pose this question to you, my viewers, What do you see? I would love to see what you come up with. Tell me in the comments below, and don’t be afraid to look at the world differently than someone else.

Very Big Sketchbook

I just want to tell you guys that i have had a lot of sketchbooks in my life, but none that can compare to this one.

I found this on amazon for around $25. Now, you might think that is expensive for a sketchbook, but this one is huge.  I added a picture below to show you just how big it is compared to a regular sheet of copy paper.

There are 300 pages or 600 artistic opportunities using front and back. I happen to not like using front and back, so 300 sheets for me. If you can see, when opening up the book in different places, it doesnt lay completely flat, but will push flat if you chose one side or the other.

Ultimately, the pages are pretty thick and I think this adventure will be awesome! My goal is to finish this sketchbook this year. I hope to maybe even do a new sketchbook yearly. I did two last year but they were a lot smaller. I started this sketchbook with my, “This journal belongs to” page, as shown below.  While completing this page, I had no problems with the book at all. I used some finetip colored pens and color pencils to complete this page. I am finding that I am getting a little more comfortable with using color, I just need to experiment more.

Tell me what you think about this first page or suggestions you might have to include.

Stay awesome my friends!

Adult Coloring Book – Benefits

Almost everywhere you look, Adult Coloring Books are there. But why has this become such a fad and is it here to stay? If you look at about when Adult Coloring Books came about, you will find that they are relatively new. The amazing benefits that have been introduced have sprung to life the need for these intricate designs. Some of those benefits include lowering stress and anxiety, allowing the brain to mediate and helps us unplug from technology that we all desperately need. In this post I will discuss the different benefits that adult coloring books provide.

Lowering Stress and Anxiety Levels.

Although adult coloring books can not cure diseases themselves, they have been shown to assist with the coping mechanisms required. By coloring repetitive patterns, your mind is put into a state of meditation that allows you to relax and lower your stress and anxiety levels and helps you focus. Before, coloring was used for children, but has had such surprising benefits for adults, a new niche was created.  All you have to do is add in the fantastical worlds we have grown to love such as Star Wars, Doctor Who and Harry Potter, and you have filled a void that appeals to everyone. Coloring forces us to use repetition and attention to detail to block out the stressors in our minds. This ultimately allows you to focus better on what you need to.

It is my belief that doodling or coloring while in a meeting at work, or while listening to a lecture are not rude, but instead allow us to block out those things in our lives that would otherwise distract us from actually understanding the material being discussed. I encourage doodling and have even put it into practice during long phone calls or brainstorming and it has only proved to be beneficial.

I have found coloring to be extremely relaxing through my own personal experiences. I have almost every type of coloring book from Mandala to Game of Thrones. I have even had the ability to create a coloring time with all the members of my family that have been extremely beneficial. When you color, unplugged, you find conversation that has always been begging to be spoken. Creating a closer bond with other human beings releases endorphins that make one more relaxed and at ease as well. This benefit, although there will always be those that reject it, has been the most beneficial for me.

Allowing One to Enter a Meditative State.

When we color, it allows us to “shut off” our mind from running out of control. Many people complaining of thinking too much or being surrounded by too much negativity. However, when you color, your mind enters a meditative state that shuts out those things that cause restlessness.  Researchers have shown lowered heart rate and blood pressure as well as changes in brainwaves when you color.  Using our senses to create works of art, is what allows us to focus on the things that we find the most important in our lives.

I use coloring when I’m under a lot of pressure at work, or have to complete daunting tasks that plague my mind even after I punch out. Sometimes, It seems to be the easiest way for me to relax enough to sleep. I can tone out almost every other sound when I focus in on creating and coloring patterns. This is my experience with entering a meditative state that allows me to sleep better at night. Since I started coloring, I find myself not only falling asleep faster, but sleeping a lot more sound than I did before hand.

Helping Us Unplug.

I have seen researches that claim that Adults devote on average 10 hours a day on-screen time. In my personal experience, I think that number is way higher. Imagine someone, like myself, that works in accounting. While I am at work, I am looking at not one screen but two, this is not to mention any phone usage I encounter throughout the day. After I come home, there is always a TV going even though I don’t watch it much, it’s still on because other members of my household watch TV. I have this blog that I work on and try to do research on after the kids go to bed at night. I check my phone before bed, and then I turn on  “DO NOT DISTURB” so I can sleep.  There are many jobs that don’t use computers constantly. My fiance’ actually works on machinery and he isn’t on the screen near as much as I am.

When we look at a screen for long periods of time, we find that our eyes are having to strain to focus. There is something that I have recently been diagnosed with and that is Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS.  This is eye strain from prolonged use of a computer. One thing that my optometrist told me was that when we are focused on a task on the computer for long periods of time, we don’t blink very often, which dries out our eyes. She suggested a few things that you can do to make sure that you are proactive in protecting your eyes. Those things include:

  1. Putting a warm compress on your eyes for about 5 minutes and then gently massage your eyelids to assist in the release of oils that keep your tears lubricating your eyes instead of evaporating.
  2. 20/20/20. We’ve probably all heard of this, but for every 20 minutes you are looking at a screen, you are supposed to look 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This helps your eyes reduce strain from focusing constantly on the screen.

Blue light, which is what we get from screen time, can prematurely age your eyes.  Now there are many benefits of blue light and we do need those benefits in our lives. However, everything in moderation is key.  By taking some time out of your day, and devoting it to coloring, you are allowing your eyes to relax and focus on something real instead of a screen. I make sure that I create something during lunch periods so that I give my eyes that time to relax and recover from the morning. By creating again at night, I am trying to be proactive in the repair and maintenance of my own eyes.

In conclusion, the benefits far outweigh the costs when it comes to adult coloring books. Investing in Adult Coloring Books is an investment in your own health, mentally and physically. Take it from me, I have personally felt the effects of adult coloring and it is awesome. Join me in this world of enlightenment.

Tell me what your thoughts are on the benefits or disadvantages to adult coloring. I would love to hear what you have to teach me, as I love learning from my readers.