Very Big Sketchbook – Page 4

Oh, Mandala decorated with washi tape. I havent used washi tape too much in the past but I really like the way this turned out. This Mandala is really detailed. Even the tiniest flick of the pen created depth. 

I did try something a little different in the center. I usually create a larger center. With this mandala, I wanted to take the detail all the way through. 

I would love to know your thoughts on this piece, including the addition of the washi tape. Would you like to see more of this or do you have other ideas?


  1. I love how intricate the center of the Mandala is! ❤ I love how you have spaced out the patterns – dense at the center and outer most part and airy in between.And I never gave much thought to washi tapes till I saw it here now. I can't wait to get those 🙂

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