Black and White vs. Color

So here it goes. I drew this doodle over lunch at work and finished up the coloring at home. But for now, I would like an honest opinion of if you like black and white or add color. Look below and let me know in the comments.

Option 1:

wp-image-1489183122jpg.jpgOption 2:

Zentangle 6

Let me know! Drop a comment below!


    • I really liked the black and white too. I have been trying to work on bringing color into my art because it’s new to me.
      Sometimes I feel like if I color something, im forcing you to see what I see, however if I don’t color it, it leaves the imagination of the viewer wide open. I have a co-worker that always sees something I never thought of, so it is fun to share my art to see what others see.

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  1. Black and white feels like you could look at it for hours and still find something new.
    Color makes different aspects of it stick out more. It also makes me think of Dr. Suess.
    I like both but I think I like black and white better.


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