I want to take a minute and express my extreme gratitude for this nugget below. Although this person may not know it, It has warmed my heart and put fire under my butt to actually do better! This simple gesture was just what I needed to see that I am making a difference. I am doing better. I am becoming known. All these things are so important as I am just starting out and I know that there are so many hills to climb.

But just as I was thankful for my first like, my first follower, my first comment, my first share, I am also thankful for my first inspiration. She has inspired me to do better.

We should all be mindful of this as we read through these blogs. A comment could mean the world to someone. A like could be the one thing that keeps that person from giving up. We have enough negativity and criticism in this world. Lets make a promise to each other, Speak kindly, Act honorably and sandwich criticism with positivity.

I would love to know how this post made you feel! Please tell me below!

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