My zentangle journal.

Well, I got this journal in the mail and I am excited about the creativity that will be stored in here. There are two different types of journals you can get. One of them has strings on the pages and the other one, which is the one I got, is blank.

I also got the micron pen kit which included pens of different sizes. I’ve already implemented these in my other art. I have yet to use the graphite pencil and the blending stick, but I’m hoping to incorporate that soon.

I am always looking for new products on the market, so if you know of any you would like for me to look into, I would be happy to do that for you. The price for these things was a little more than I like to spend but the quality seems to match it at first glance. Now to see how long the pens last and how durable the journal is. But only time will tell.

I would love to know how this post made you feel! Please tell me below!

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